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July 11 2016

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Kittyinva: 1915-20 Lucile Studio sketch of a black tulle robe de style. Love her blue hair and shoes. 

June 02 2014

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Robert Fowler: Women of Phoenicia, 1879.

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Flower Garden (1905-1907)

Gustav Klimt

roses are red

violets are blue

sunflowers are yellow

i bet you were expecting something romantic but no this is just gardening facts

June 01 2014

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Kimono created by Japanese artist Itchiku Kubota

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Paintings in detail Botticelli's hair

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Reading. Yelena Bryksenkova.

Bryksenkova was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, raised in Northeast Ohio, and educated at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and the Academy of Applied and Decorative Arts in Prague, Czech Republic, receiving her BFA in illustration in 2010.

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One of the weirdest and most beautiful pieces of that kind of jewelry I have ever seen. Usually, jewelry with real insects/beetles from that era (The Egyptian Revival) looks more like this. Now on ebay. Update: Sold for $279,99.

May 31 2014

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I’ve considered eating one of these flowers to find out why she loves them so much




why are cows so famous

because they’re out-standing in their field

stop unfollowing me i’m funny

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Anonymous. Ebba Lisa Steinheil, five years old. France, 11 oct. 1909

And snake, haha

Kids were hardcore back then.

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Old japanese postcardYuusuzumi o suru josei 夕涼みをする女性 (Women to the cool of the evening) - Hand coloured postcard - 1906

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this person probably has to study for finals

May 30 2014

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Meet the new hatchling Sulcata Tortoises at Linton Zoological Gardens. There are FORTY FIVE of them. FORTY FIVE doses of cute, as it were. (via @LavenderLobster)

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IT’S DONE! Do make sure to click on it so you can see it in its original, pixel-sharp resolution.

I’ve been working on this moody night scene for literally months, and now I can finally put down the mouse and start spamming it over all the social media I use. 

26 colors.

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